Case Study - Southwest Wind Power

Southwest wind power wanted to find out how many businesses throughout the US were or were interested in going green

Conducted consumer focus groups and business interviews in various US markets, with respondents segmented by the degree of their respective green lifestyle, from very much to very little. The results were then validated in a quantitative research study. We then chose test markets that offered both sufficient wind and a strong dealer network.

The media mix included radio, newspaper and online display ads. We also produced a short video about Skystream, showing how it worked and satisfied owners. This ran on the landing page, the client website and on You Tube and Facebook.
Our approach utilized a landing page that asked respondents a series of questions to filter likely prospects. The names were forwarded to dealers for follow-up. 


The campaign resulted in generating the names and contact information of over 2,000 qualified respondents. These were given to the Skystream dealers in the appropriate markets for follow-up calls and visits.

  • Copywriting
  • Corporate Identity Sales Kit
  • Online Ads
  • Photography
  • Print Ads
  • SEO
  • Video

Case Studies - Customer Acquisition

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