You cannot debate the facts. The earth is changing and not for the better. There is a climate crisis that if unchecked will do more damage to our way of life than any other factor. If you don’t believe this, go look elsewhere for a marketing firm. We not here to debate facts.

Technology is a major part of the solution. The emergence of cost-effective B2B solutions for energy storage, management, and distribution coupled with consumer interest in renewable energy sources and earth-friendly products is in motion and not reversing. Most major automotive producers are investing in electric vehicles, battery cell technology, and infrastructure to support a transportation future where combustion engines are minimized. The world is changing and so are attitudes about green solutions. We can help deliver your message of progress and change.

Our experience includes supporting initiatives with digital marketing and communications programs for Seattle City Light, Mobilizing Solar Energy, The Lighting Design Lab, E5 Environmental, The Institute for Energy Efficiency, JWC Environmental, Green Living Project, and others producing sustainable products, goods, and services. Green is changing from a “nice idea” to a sustainable business strategy for growth.

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This eBook is intended to guide your thinking away from seeing a logo as "brand". Brand building is so much more than a logo and this eBook sets the pace for building beyond a logo and how a brand can become an asset of your company.

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